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You know that moment when you're looking at a popular home design blog or watching a popular designer's TV show, and they spring on something so new, so fresh? An original-never-been-seen-before design idea? And you feel... just so darn inspired. So you make a mental note of it.

So do the thousands, or millions, of other people watching the same show or reading the same blog.

Put a Bird on It Blog pays tribute to the opposite of that moment. You know, the one where you click on a house tour only to find a "Keep Calm, Carry On" print. Or take a peek "after the jump" to see what that "fabulous lamp makeover" has in store for you... and see that some trigger-happy spray-paint lover has taken a can of Rustoleum to it. In white.

Inspired by the IFC show Portlandia, this blog brings you all those played-out design ideas.

And as much as we hate to admit it, we still do find bird stuff pretty cute. So we'll show you some bird crap too. Well, not bird crap. Crap that people Put-a-Bird-on-It-ed. But not crap as in junk, crap as in stuff. Cute stuff.

And remember, as much as we make fun of something when we see it for the 1000th time, it's all in good fun. So you thought something was a cute idea; don't let the fact that it may or may not be "played out" stifle you. Things become trendy for a reason. So get out there and design, create, craft, and..

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