Put a Bird on It Blog is intended as a tribute to Portlandia and the influence the program has had in creating a new slang term. We do not own, nor do we claim to own, any rights or trademarks on the phrase "Put a Bird on It."

We from time to time feature home design photos on our "Turkey or Trendy?" List in order to illustrate popular (too popular, in some people's minds) trends. This is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings or to portray your project in a negative light, but we can see how it might feel that way. If you see you project and want it removed, we'll do so. The last thing we ever want to do is stifle creativity. But we hope that you'll embrace the "no publicity is bad publicity" philosphy and allow us to keep it, especially since we get most of our pictures from the blogosphere, where people put their work out intentionally.
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