Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bird Craft: Put a Bird on a Chest

Craft Test Dummy Jenny used Martha Stewart Paints to Put a Bird on an Ikea Chest. Coincidentally, I saw Martha use the same line of Ikea woodstuffs to add drawers to a craft hutch she made. Believe it!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Turkey or Trendy? #5: Put Some Paint on It

Let's face it, I could choose absolutely anything to demonstrate the "Put Some Paint on It" trend (which is why you'll likely see this topic come up again).

In terms of thriftiness and being green, nothing beats slapping a coat of paint on a tired or dated piece of furniture in order to give it new life.

But some people are so enamored of their own painting skills that they think they've performed a creative miracle when they've done nothing more than "Put Some Paint on It". It rarely looks bad, but also rarely looks like some major creative forces were at work.

So, for the sake of uniformity, here are some similar-looking "Put Some Paint on It" makeovers.

"Newest Dresser Revealed!" from Twenty-Six to Life.

Vintage Dresser Revamp via Design*Sponge.

I found this one when somebody linked it on Apartment Therapy's comments section.

And fans of hacking the IKEA Rast took this white-on-wood theme and ran with it...
IKEA Rast hack via Design*Sponge (and he Put a Bird on It, too).

IKEA Rast hack from For Me, For You (and she Put an Ampersand on It).

IKEA Rast hack from Designing Life.

IKEA Rast hack from Hand Jobs for the Home.

This one is from Jessica is Busy.

I could go on and on with the Rast Hacks, there's at least three more.

Will you be Putting Some Paint on It?
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