Friday, August 19, 2011

Turkey or Trendy? #4: Put an Ampersand on It

For whatever reason, people are beginning to eschew the the letter in interior design and are now going with the ampersand. A lot.

In kitchens...
Lindsay's White and Aqua Nashville Kitchen, from Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Kitchen Contest 2011.

& dining rooms...
by photog David Cleveland, via 79 Ideas.

& in furniture "Before & Afters"...
Lisa's Chair via Design*Sponge

Stylist Marie Nichols is all over it.
(Considering 50% of my Pinterest account is from her, maybe she gets a pass).

& in wedding photography, where it makes sense (him & her!) and is actually very cute!
by Sweet Monday Photography, via

& since two of our previous "Turkey or Trendy" posts had body art, why the eff not? I found these on Pinterest.
From "Jeremy & Kathleen".

Pinterest said this one was from F Yeah, Tattoos, I can't find the original source.

What do you think, is the "Ampersand" in home design a lame duck?

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